How do I get Started ?

Step 1:

This sends us your contact details and we will be in touch by phone to discuss the opportunity to join J Tax.

We will send an email to you, with our information exchange link. By clicking on the link you will start a 4 part process which:

  1. Asks you to sign an Electronic Communications Consent Agreement (for Privacy Act purposes);
  2. Enables you to review and or download the Franchising Code of Conduct documents including Franchise Agreement, Disclosure Document, franchising Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics;
  3. Asks you to complete a simple set of multi-choice questions which help with providing appropriate support for your needs (Right Left Brain); and
  4. When the above steps have been completed you will receive a brochure by return email.

Step 2:

We will then contact you to discuss and if necessary, arrange a meeting or meetings to progress your continuing interest and options.

Step 3:
If agreement for you to join J Tax has been reached, we agree the investment details and arrangeĀ  payment.
Step 4:
Once payment has been made, we set you up on our J Tax system, and give you access to the J Tax Training website for you to commence Orientation and Induction.

Step 5:

Complete Orientation and Induction and commence your new independent J Tax Franchise Business.

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