How do I get Started ?

—Step 1:

Well will email to you, our Kit 1 Application Pack which includes an:
  • Application form,
  • Franchise Sale Outline
  • Confidentiality Deed

Step 2:

Complete and sign your application and Confidentiality forms and return.
We will then contact you to discuss and if necessary arrange a meeting or meetings to decide if we are suitable for one another.
Step 3:
  • Pay your 1st Deposit of approx $6,000
  • —Start your Accountant Ready Training
Step 4:
  • Pay your 2nd Deposit after passing your Accountant Ready Training
  • —Your Contracts and Disclosure Documents will then be issued.

Step 5:

  • —Pay the balance of your purchase on the Signing of the Documents
  • —Commence your new J Tax Franchised Business.

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