How do I get Started ?

Step 1:

This sends us your contact details and we will be in touch by phone to discuss the opportunity to join Jtax.

We will send an email to you, with our information exchange link. By clicking on the link you will start a 4 part process which:

  1. Asks you to sign an Electronic Communications Consent Agreement (for Privacy Act purposes);
  2. Enables you to review and or download the Franchising Code of Conduct documents including Franchise Agreement, Disclosure Document, franchising Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics;
  3. Asks you to complete a simple set of multi-choice questions which help with providing appropriate support for your needs (Right Left Brain); and
  4. When the above steps have been completed you will receive a brochure by return email.

Step 2:

We will then contact you to discuss and if necessary, arrange a meeting or meetings to progress your continuing interest and options.

Step 3:
If agreement for you to join Jtax has been reached, we agree the investment details and arrangeĀ  payment.
Step 4:
Once payment has been made, we set you up on our Jtax system, and give you access to the Jtax Training website for you to commence Orientation and Induction.

Step 5:

Complete Orientation and Induction and commence your new independent Jtax Franchise Business.

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