Sherlyn – Bookkeeper Caroline Springs

After i graduated specialising in business bookkeeping and business advice i started conducting work in these areas throughout Caroline Springs and surrounding suburbs specializing in business activity statements, tax, strategic business advice, budgeting, forecasting, bookkeeping. What mainly excites me working in the accounting and bookkeeping industry is working with small businesses and property investors.

I enjoy working with all sorts of clients and small to medium businesses around Caroline Springs, but am also happy to travel further out to meet any new tax or business clients.

One of my greater successes, a business owner contacted me for help with was in strife due to audits by the ATO for both GST and Superannuation. I reviewed the systems and financial records and assisted with the entire audit process which minimised any involvement with staff who were able to continue focusing on their daily duties. Also as a result of my review I also implemented new systems which streamlined processes. This maximised efficiencies in the business and most importantly ensured ongoing compliance. I felt very proud of the results achieved and the positive outcome for the client that was beyond compliance work.

When im not doing accounting and bookkeeping in my spare time i enjoy fine dining, outdoors and swimming.

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