Are there any Hidden Charges?

Jtax requires that you order and pay for your own uniforms from Totally Work Wear (TWW) via our J Cloud Catalog order form. The added cost is usually between $100 and $250 and is paid directly to TWW.

You also order and pay PC-Simplicity for each of their courses we require you to do as part of your training – Word, Excel, Outlook, MYOB 1 and 2.  The added cost is $100 max.  Large print-run printouts by you are required for these courses.

To maximize your income Jtax also encourages you to learn and offer your clients other types of software solutions like Xero and Saasu.

Professional Development costs:

Marketing yourself should be allowed for.

Weekly Network meeting costs should be allowed for.

Attending Business Networking meetings like the Chamber of Commerce should be allowed for.

Attending Jtax Franchise Meetings is compulsory.

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